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Chinese New Year at the Silks!

Lunar New YearThe Lunar New Year (LNY) has always been celebrated at the Crown Perth and this year is no different! I was told that LNY is the second busiest time of the year for them! Two weeks of festivities with entertainment, activities, fireworks and most important of all, feasting! Who wouldn’t enjoy it? Crown has  a number of events and special menu lined up until the end of February. Check it out here! And don’t forget the 7.5m crystal Wishing Tree found at the lobby for an amazing LNY picture!

The LNY celebrations begin at Silks with a signature banquet designed by the Master of Cantonese cuisine, Head Chef Pat Cheong. Thanks to the Crown Perth, I was invited to celebrate this festive season with a lunch at Silks where we sampled a few of the dishes from the Signature Banquet. I was most excited! Sadly this menu was only available up to the Saturday that had just past (13 February).  For those who have missed out, there are other dishes in their main and dimsum menu which are great too!  Some of the dishes I’d tried when they first opened are shown in my  previous blog post :). Get in fast for next year!

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The Burger Bar at the Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth!


A couple of weeks ago the PFEs received an invitation from the Rockpool Bar & Grill to taste test their menu for the new concept Burger Bar they are introducing to the restaurant. How exciting! I couldn’t wait to find out what will be on offer! To add to the excitement, I walked into the restaurant and was introduced to the main man himself, Neil Perry AM! *squeal* I couldn’t believe it! Neil Perry was saying hi and talking to me!

We were seated not long after and Neil proceeded to introduce the concept of the new Burger Bar to us. I must say he is such a humble and engaging man, and such a great public speaker! Check out all the community and charity work he and the Rockpool Foundation is involved with here!

Neil Perry Cutting up a burger for us!

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Concert: Thriller Live + Dining at the Crown Perth

Thanks to ACMN, the PFEs were invited to blog about the Thriller Live concert that is currently playing at the Crown Theatre Perth. The Thriller Live show is a spectacular concert created to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson! It is now in its record breaking 6th year of show after opening in the Lyric Theatre in London on 2 January 2009 to rave reviews. Thriller Live has celebrated its 5th birthday in the West End, embarked on a world tour and a sell-out UK arena tour, played over 3000 shows globally to 2.5 million fans, visited over 26 countries and entered the West end record books by becoming the longest running show in the Lyric Theatres in 125 year history, and now it is in Perth!

No doubt I was excited about the event and was looking forward to it the whole week!

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The New Breakfast Menu at the Merrywell!


Happy Independence Day! 4th of July, the National Day of the United States. In any other year today would have gone past without me batting an eyelid. But this year was slightly different as the PFEs were invited to the launch of the Merrywell’s new breakfast menu at the Crown Perth, all things American, all things American diner-styled breakfast. I was excited! I considered it to be a mini “celebration” for Independence Day, not that I’m an American or anything like that but I love the idea of celebrations, especially when great food and drinks are involved!

I had been to the Merrywell for an afternoon session and a dinner session previously and loved the “dude food” they serve. I was pretty sure the breakfast menu will not disappoint and was eager to see what the Chef had in store for us Perth diners!

The Merrywell was all flagged up…

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Atrium, Crown


Hallway to the AtriumThe PFEs were invited to dine at the Atrium Buffet [All-You-Can-Eat] Restaurant within the Crown Perth Complex recently and I happily obliged, not having visited the Atrium since it’s refurbishment a few years back. I had been a number of times previously while it was still under the management of Burswood Complex and had tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. I had stopped going previously, and to be honest it was because I thought the food selections were getting a bit boring.  I was interested this time to see whether any changes have been made!

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Silks, Crown

Grand entrance 1a


Silks at the Crown Perth just opened recently and being a sucker for new restaurants, I called to make reservations for a Saturday evening but found they were booked out every Friday and Saturday nights for the whole of August! Guess I’m not the only sucker for new restaurants! We managed at the end to get a table on a Sunday night.

Everything was grandiose at Silks, from the entrance, lighting and decor right down to the menu and cutlery on the table. I love the warm lighting and ample spacing between each table. Great ambiance!

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Kinky Monkey, Burswood


Entertainment Voucher 12/13: 25% off (up to a value of $40)

I have a new favourite cafe, Kinky Monkey is its name.  It is located on the Plaza, amongst the Peninsula Apartments in the Circus, and had just opened 3 months ago.  We found this cafe in the trusty ol’ Entertainment Book. Not entirely convinced to lunch there in the first instance, I asked myself, “Would there really be a good cafe around that area?”.  We arrived and was totally blown away.  (It reminded me of never judging something until you have at least tried it!) The place looked awesome with its modern and colourful setting.  And my oh my, the ambience is totally amazing, you can sense the freshness in the air, the openness and the brightness. Walk out in the other direction and you are faced with a view of Perth city! Love it! I’d been back three times since 🙂

They have a great breakfast and lunch menu, and most importantly interesting selections as well.  For lighter meals, one can select the various salads, quiches, pies and not to forget desserts at the front counter.

We had the following for lunch:

  • Coffees – Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha
  • Fillet Steak Burger ($17)
  • Chorizo Fungi ($19)
  • Kinky Burger ($17)
  • Corn Fritter Stack ($17)
  • Tandoori Quesadilla ($19)

The coffees were great!  For those interested, you can get one free coffee from the shop-a-docket voucher (click link here) Expires on 17 Sept 2012.  Bargain 🙂
The Fillet Steak Burger came with honey fillet steak, beetroot relish, tomato, baby spinach & wasabi mayo served with chips.  This burger is amazing!  The fillet steak was juicy and flavoursome and it made you wanting more with each bite.  Did I mention it was huge as well?  The chips hit another spot, crunchy and flavoured with some sort of spice (maybe paprika).  This won  me over to go back there again!
Chorizo Fungi consisted of the chorizo sausage on ciabatta with field mushrooms, caramelized onions, poached eggs and rocket.  Another great dish.  Huge serving, and what I like the most was the salsa on the side.  More of those please.
Kinky Burger consisted of black angus ground beef, swiss gruyere cheese, lettuce & tomato kasundi served with chips.  I must admit it paled in comparison with the Fillet Steak Burger but has its own merit as well.  Lots of chips on this plate.
The Corn Fritter Stack came with smoked salmon, rockets and a poached egg on top.  I only managed to have a small bite of this dish so could not really tell how good it was but great feedback from others.  Love the look of it too!
Tandoori Quesadilla consisted of chicken, red onion, avocado, tomato salsa & cheese served with raita.  Corn chips were served on the side as well.  The dish looked dry on the outset but actually had the right balance of sauce and fillings inside.  The raita was a most welcoming accompaniment to the dish!
All in all I was extremely satisfied.  The service was great, very friendly, informative and laid back, totally befitting the place.  A great cafe to visit for the yummy food or just to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and cake and soak up the atmosphere!
I’m participating in a Walking Program at work and decided to walk there for coffee one day – 3.5km later…..tummy filled with the Orange and Poppy seed Muffin 🙂

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Kinky Monkey
Telephone: 08 9472 0633
Address: 23 The Circus, Burswood

Trading Hours

Tuesday: 7am – 3pm

Wednesday to Sunday: 7am – 10pm

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Rockpool Bar & Grill, Burswood


Rockpool Bar & Grill is a renowned restaurant in the Perth foodie scenery located in the Burswood Entertainment Complex.  I’d been meaning to try the restaurant out for ages but it had always been awfully hard to get the right timing and booking!  I finally managed to go one Sunday lunchtime.

Due to the hype surrounding the restaurant when it first opened, I was quite excited to see what the fuzz is all about.    Just from the entrance to the restaurant, you can tell that they have spent quite an effort jazzing up the place.  The impressive double wooden doors opened up to a candlelit walkway leading into the restaurant.  It  was quite magical.  The inside of the restaurant has a beautiful setting, with an open kitchen and a massive dining area.  What I like the most is the warm colours and lighting.  Very nice!


The waitstaff was quite attentive with our table which I thought was great, offering drinks as soon as we sat down, and explained the menu quite well, giving various opinions on the dishes.  He was also friendly which added a nice touch!  I didn’t felt like drinking that day so stuck with sparkling water while my sister ordered a lime drink.


To start of with, we were given complimentary crusty bread and butter. yum yum!

For entree, we had the following:

  • Sauteed white rocks veal sweetbreads and marron with almonds, oranges and rosemary ($35)
  • Crudo of pink snapper, ocean trout and yellow fin tuna with sorrel and lime flavoured extra virgin olive oil ($29)

This is my first time trying veal sweetbreads, which are actually the thymus glands of a calf.  They tasted quite good, similar in texture to liver but not as strong in taste.  Worth a try.  The crudo fish dish was great too, very fresh.  I like and wanted more!

For mains, we had:

  • Seafood from the Charcoal Oven – Coral trout served with herb salad and aioli ($55)
  • David Blackmore’s Wagyu corned silverside with horseradish, roasted onions and savoy cabbage ($49)
  • David Blackmore’s Dry aged full blood wagyu topside 240g 32 days ($52) with bearnaise sauce

 I ordered the Wagyu topside and it was the worst mistake of the day!  It was so chewy and tough that I spat 1/3 of it out!  I was actually warned by my sister whilst ordering that I should choose something else as she had tried this a few months earlier and said it was too chewy and was very hard to eat.  In my head I was thinking it can’t be that bad.  Even though it was a secondary cut,  it costs $52, it should at least be edible.  I was totally wrong! and totally flabbergasted that the restaurant could serve something like this!  What a disappointment!!

The Coral Trout and Wagyu Corned Silverside fared better and were actually quite good.  I was glad there were good dishes otherwise it would have been a total disaster of a lunch!

We also had the Wood Fired Grilled Broccolini ($18) and Sauteed Mixed Mushroom ($25) as sides.  The portion was very small and the broccolini was too salty.  Definitely overpriced.

Moving on, we ordered a dessert each to make up for the below par mains.  We had:

  • Hazelnut macaron and banana ice cream sandwich ($14)
  • Creme caramel ($21)
  • Black forest trifle ($25)
  • Warm rhubarb, strawberry and almond pudding with vanilla sauce ($25)
  • Long Mac and Vienna Coffee (I was surprised they couldn’t make us a vienna coffee but gave us a shot of coffee and separate cream.  Strange!)
I had the Hazelnut Macaron and Banana Ice Cream Sandwich and that was the best dish of the day.  I was quite impressed with it, the banana ice cream was not too sweet which complimented the macaron shell.  Very good!  I didn’t try too much of the other desserts but they were warmly welcomed.
We were also given complimentary Caramel Popcorn which was a bonus.  It was very addictive too!
Overall it was quite a disappointing lunch for me due to the Wagyu topside,  however my experience was saved by the yummy hazelnut macaron.  I did tell the wait staff about the steak and he said he would reflect our experience back to the chef.  At least the service was great.
Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Telephone: 08 6262 1900
Address: Burswood Entertainment Complex, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood

Trading Hours

Lunch:  Sunday to Friday

Dinner: 7 days

(A)lure, Burswood


Restaurant is permanently closed!



Entertainment Card 09/10: 25% off (up to a value of $45)

(A)lure is a fancy restaurant located in the Burswood Entertainment Complex.  It houses a sophisticated bar on one side and a beautiful dining area overlooking the resort pool on the other.  Within the dining area, there is also a sushi station where patrons can enjoy fresh sashimis and oysters.  It is the winner of the 2008 Gold Plate Award for Seafood Dining and Wine List of the Year – impressive.Bar area

There were quite a few of us that night so we opted to wait at the bar for everyone to arrive before moving to the dining area.  The bar area I must say is very stylish, with individual suede couches lining the wall, thick carpets, dim overhanging lights and all colour coordinated.   They have an extensive wine and cocktail list too so we ordered some drinks while we waited.  I had the (A)lure Mocktail which consisted of fresh fruit juices and berry puree.  The ingredients sounded sMocktailsimple doesn’t it, not much of a drink but the presentation made all the difference.  It looked so pretty when it came out – I think it tasted nicer due to the presentation!

We moved to the dining area on the other side when everyone arrived, which was as beautifully decorated as the bar.

Dining area

We were greeted by a young and pretty hostess there who I thought looked like a model but my friend thought looked very aggresive and scary.  We had a bit of fun trying to figure out which country she was from and I guessed the closest country to her origins!  =)  The staff that night I thought was lacking in numbers on the floor (maybe coz it was a Sunday night) and their uniforms were not consistent which was strange!  (I used to work in a hotel during my uni days so I can’t help but notice things like these everytime I go out to eat!)

For starters, we ordered a few dishes to share:

  • Salad of Pemberton marron, soft quail egg, lobster emulsion, cos spears – $23
  • Pan fried scallops, pork belly, confit onion, orange, carrot puree – $22
  • Chicken parfait, sweet onion, sultana jam, Turkish bread – $18
  • Shark Bay crab cake, asparagus, pancetta, crab salad, avocado puree, tartare sauce – $25

Pemberton marron salad Pan fried scallops and pork belly Chicken parfait on the left and Shark Bay crab cake on the right

I’m beginning to notice that restaurants are now including pork belly as one of their dishes…whereas before I’d only ever seen them serve in chinese restaurants.  This dish was quite nice and went well with the scallops.  Pork belly is now starting to grow on me – I have tasted quite a few nice ones around recently.  The other entrees were all very fusiony in taste – as you can tell from the mixture of ingredients they use to prepare them!

For mains, we had:

  • Roasted dhufish, potato and watercress cake, apple, fennel, grain mustard, cider – $48
  • Pork chop, crisp pork belly, Brussels sprouts salad, pomegranate, bacon, pistachio – $36
  • Red Emperor, Western Australian mussels, panzenella salad, roquette, soft saffron aioli – $38
  • Duck breast, proscuitto, butternut squash puree, pear, thyme, sherry relish – $38
  • Plate of sushi, sashimi and oyster

Roasted dhufish Pork chop and crisp pork belly Red Emperor Duck breast Plate of fresh food

The food all came out beautifully presented as can be seen in the pictures.  Extra points for effort (but then again, they are a fine dining restaurant in a hotel!).  I had the Red Emperor that night which I thought was quite ordinary – it did not leave a lasting impression in my mind.  The Dhufish however was a popular dish that night – there were multiple orders of them.  One thing to note though was the long time it took for the food to come after the entrees!  We waited for ages and got quite impatient as it was getting late!  (Not sure whether this happens regularly or is a once off thing?)

I was quite satisfied hunger-wise after the mains, but some of the girls wanted to try the desserts so we orderd a few to share:

  • Mango cheesecake, macadamia crust, sun fruit sorbet, mango puree – $16
  • Torrone ice cream, toffee centre, white chocolate crust – $15
  • Hot chocolate fondant, caramel, creme fraiche ice cream – $16

Mango cheesecake Hot chocolate fondant Torrone ice cream

The hostess informed us that there was a 1/2 hour wait for the hot chocolate fondant and I was thinking what…why does it take so long?  Alarming bells were ringing in my head as it was quite late by then and I still have to go home to pack to go to Bridgetown for a week for site work the next day!  The desserts better be worth it!  The desserts came and looked delicious especially the Mango Cheesecake – it had a substantial crust made with macadamia and the cheese was light with the mango flavouring coming through just right.  ++

This is the third time I’d dined in this restaurant  – I remembered we were quite excited the first time going there when they first opened and they used to give complimentary bread rolls and olives and a soup palette cleanser..they don’t do this anymore.  The times after that were quite ordinary for me including the meal this time.  We had a big one get one free deal that night as we used previous year’s Entertainment Card – the discount this year has changed to only 25% off.

Overall, (A)lure is a nice place to go for an occasion but I’ll probably won’t be back there too often.  Great ambience though.

Partial photos courtesy of M. Chung

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

: 08 9362 7551
Address: Burswood Entertainment Complex, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood

Alure on Urbanspoon

Take note of the $50 2-course sets that (a)lure now offers!! (as of 14th march 2010). I have no idea how long it’ll last, but go go go! 🙂

Miss Egg had a treat from Miss Anise one evening, and we had a great time. Here are some photos to prove our gluttony.

I had never been to (a)lure to have dinner before, so this was an excellent experience for me. Loved the steak which was tender and well soaked with the red wine jus. The serving may appear small but they fill you up pretty quick!

The desserts were amazing, and I will definitely be popping by again sometime! 🙂

eating like a cow,

Miss Egg

14th March 2010.