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The Beach Club at Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Cottesloe

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The Beach ClubRecently I was privileged to be invited as part of the Perth Food Engineers to attend the Beach Club Summer Launch cocktail party in Cottesloe. The Beach Club, part of the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, is a trendy and sophisticated space designed for ‘guests to catch up with friends, dine and be entertained in style’. I’d been here a couple of times previously for drinks and dinner and loved it both times. I was eager to check out what’s new on the menu this coming summer!

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Marie Antoinette Cafe Glacier, Cottesloe

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Marie Antoinette is a dessert parlor I have been wanting to visit for awhile now but never really had the chance until recently. The reason is because most of the time I’ll be too full after lunch to venture into the shop, but this time round I reminded myself to leave some stomach space so that I won’t feel too bloated after the visit! Well worth the trouble!

Marie Antoinette is located on Napoleon Street in Cottesloe, a somewhat quiet street as it is a far distance away from the beach. This means that parking comes by easier. We found one almost immediately.

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John Street Cafe, Cottesloe

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I first heard of John St Cafe from my ex-colleague who told me of a nice little cafe they visited on the weekend for breakfast. Having not been to Cottesloe for awhile now I decided to pay the cafe a visit for breakfast with my parents one weekend.

John St Cafe is located in a residential street, off the main strip leading to the Cottesloe beach. The place was buzzing when I arrived and I got the last street parking right outside the cafe. Blessed me! The inside is airy and sunny, and has a nice laid back and beachy vibe to it, perfect for a hot summer’s day!

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Lamont’s Wine Store, Cottesloe

It was my BFF’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take her out somewhere nice for lunch.  My first choice was the latest Mexican food trend, La Cholita, but unfortunately they were closed for Sunday lunch.  Next, Venn Bar, closed too!  Next next, Lamont’s Bishop House, no luck! Finally, we decided on Lamont’s Wine Store in Cottesloe.  Open, check!  I didn’t think it would be that hard to find a nice restaurant for a Sunday lunch but turned out the foodie aura was not on my side!  Eeks!


Lamont’s Wine Store is located on Station Street, an unassuming spot in Cottesloe.  It was pretty quiet since all the surrounding shops were closed so we found parking quickly.

The Lamont’s in Cottesloe, aptly named the Wine Store has an enoteca theme, a hub for visitors to sample different wines with a view to buying them or enjoying with the nibbles on the menu.  The “First Sunday Tapas Series” launched on the day we went as well, however as the BFF did not want to have the degus, we ordered straight from the menu.  Tapas menu, yay love them!  I could tell the host was disappointed though!  Maybe next time!

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