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The Mandoo, Eastwood


I spotted The Mandoo whilst waiting for my friend one night before we headed to Incredible Chicken for dinner (refer to the last post). The Mandoo is located on the Korean side of Rowe Street in Eastwood, inside the building that houses Aldi as well. I stumbled upon it as I came up from the Aldi car park to road level and was intrigued with a newspaper cutting they had pasted on the wall, a write up stating they serve one of the best Korean dumplings in Sydney. Ooo, I must come back and try this next time I thought.

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Incredible Chicken, Eastwood

Outside Incredible chickenWebsite:

Incredible Chicken is located on the Korean side of Rowe Street in Eastwood. One weekend I had a craving for fried chicken. Chatting to my friend from primary school who was having her hair straightened in that area, she suggested for me to check out Incredible Chicken as the city branch of the same brand is very popular. So we decided to meet up for dinner there that night.

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Me Pho, Eastwood

Me PhoWebsite:

Me Pho is located on the busy Rowe Street in Eastwood, the strip which has quickly become our go to place for a meal due to its close proximity. There are so many restaurants and cafes to choose from along this street, especially if you are into the Asian type of cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc). For lunch we decided to go Vietnamese and arrived at Me Pho.

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The Max Joy Co, Eastwood

Max Joy CoWebsite:

The Max Joy Co is an ice cream, dessert and drinks parlor located on the busy and vibrant Rowe Street in Eastwood. I found out about this place whilst searching Instagram, desperate to satisfy my craving for some black sesame ice cream. Feeling ecstatic that I found this so close to home, only a short walking distance from the apartment I was staying in when I first arrived, we headed there for dessert after lunch one afternoon.

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La Vigne Bakery, Eastwood

La Vigne is a bakery is located on the ‘Korean’ side of Eastwood on Rowe Street, I’d been here a couple of times when I visited Sydney previously as it is located very near to where the hubby is staying. It was quite fascinating when I first found out that this particular part of Eastwood is divided by the train line where one side houses all the Korean shops and restaurants, and the other mainly of Chinese/Asian influence. I don’t think we have anything similar in Perth. At least here we know where to go when we have specific cravings!

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