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****Pasta Pronto, Guildford****


The PFEs were recently approached by Pasta Pronto to try their pasta, all freshly handmade at their shop located on Swan Street in Guildford. Pasta Pronto mentioned an interesting pasta that they make called Spaetzle, little dough dumplings, and a Swiss national dish. It intrigued me as I have not heard of Spaetzle before! Always interested in trying new things I was only too happy to give it a go. Marc from Pasta Pronto dropped off a few samples for me to try. There were fresh Linguine, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, the handmade Swiss Spaetzle and a takeaway meal which Pasta Pronto also sells at their shop.

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Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford


I first heard of Alfred’s Kitchen when I was discussing burgers with my colleague. He told me there’s a place called Alfred’s Kitchen which sells burger similar to the Ramly Burger in Malaysia. Really?! I got excited! For those who don’t know what a Ramly Burger is, it’s a very popular burger in Malaysia made special as it is not serve in the conventional way of stacking the ingredients on top of each other but with the patty covered with ingredients and condiments, wrapped in a layer of egg and grilled to perfection. It’s a must try if you are ever in Malaysia!

After prayer meeting one night, I enticed my pastor and family to have supper there. I was half expecting something like a  Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Sydney, it was sort of similar but not quite. The place looked like it had been there for ages and it was packed full of people!

The counter for orderMenu on the board

There are no tables or chairs as one would expect in a restaurant. Just a few benches along the side of the building and on the footpath. We were struggling to find seats though – lots of people around!


We ordered our food and was busy taking photos when one of the customers thought we were tourists and offered to take a photo for us. That was hilarious. We politely declined. :p

We had the Alfred Special ($10.80) and the Cram ($13.50) based on the staff’s recommendation, the few of the popular items on the menu.

The Alfred Special BurgerAlfred Special Burger

The Cram BurgerThe Cram Burger

I had the Cram Burger which is a steak hamburger with egg, cheese and bacon. It was huge! How many layers of meat can you fit into one burger? Quite appropriately called the Cram Burger! I had trouble finishing it off even though it was so tasty. A real hearty meal!

Verdict: Great burger but it was not a Ramly Burger. I was slightly disappointed at that but was glad I get to try the Cram and discover another burger joint! I heard the Pea and Ham soup is a must order as well!

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Alfred’s Kitchen
Telephone: 9377 1378
Address: Cnr Meadow and James Street, Guildford
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