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The Sorrento Beach Shack, Hillarys


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The Sorrento Beach Shack is an open aired cafe located inside the Sorrento Quay Boat Harbour overlooking the tranquil Hillarys marina.  The first thing I noticed about the cafe is their bright and colourful sign.  It gave me an impression of a fun cafe with a casual atmosphere and was proved right as we walked in.  Numerous wooden tables, small and big with white plastic chairs greeted us, spotted with the same bright and colourful menus.  It didn’t take us long to find a table as the cafe was still quite empty.


The Beach Shack has an extensive menu, offering pastas, steaks, seafood, pizza and salads.  They also boast of having 31 milkshake flavours!  All the flavours are lined up along the wall at the milkshake counter and themed with bright colour cups.  Very visually appealing!

We placed our lunch order and decided to take a walkie along the boat harbour.  On the way out, we passed by the cake counter and was wow-ed, there were so many different types of cakes on display and they all looked so good!  I couldn’t resist taking some photos. 🙂


A close up of the Profiterole Cake below.  Didn’t manage to taste the cake after the lunch as I was too full, perhaps this will give me a good reason to go back there again!

Anyways, back to our lunch – we had the following (Note: Comments only on the dishes I have tasted):

From the Entree and Salad menu

  • Garlic Bread
  • Prawn and Avocado Salad ($22.50)
  • Chicken Caesar Salad ($20.90)
  • Warm Marinated Beef & Feta Salad ($22.90)


I had a piece of the Garlic Bread and it was salty to the max!  I have never tasted such salty garlic bread before!  I hope it was a once off – it was very disappointing as I really like my garlic bread.  I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad and it came with slightly warmed chicken and big chunks of croutons. I would have preferred more cos lettuce in the dish but no complaints from those whom I shared the dish with (the lovers of chicken and bacon) as there were a fair share of those in there.

From the Mains and Pasta/Light Meal menu

  • Gourmet Steak Sandwich ($19.90) – toasted Turkish bread with steak, balsamic caramelised onions, tomato chutney, cheese, lettuce & tomato with a side of fries
  • Shack Prawn Pasta ($22.90) – Exmouth prawns pan fried in olive oil and garlic, tossed through fettucini with pinenuts and English spinach
  • Surf and Spud ($21.50) – Snapper fillet with herb butter, served with fries and side salad
  • Cajun Snapper ($21.50) – Snapper fillet topped with Cajun sauce and lightly grilled, served with fries and side salad
  • Fisherman’s Basket ($19.90) – Calamari, crumbed prawns, scallops and battered fish served with fries and side salad


I had the Shack Prawn Pasta as a main and it came with generous serving of prawns and pasta.  However the amount of spinach was lacking (I like dishes with lots of veggies!).  The dish tasted great with the initial bite but subsequently it became unbearable as the pasta was drenched with olive oil!  I felt like I was eating spoonful of oil with each bite!  Luckily I was sharing this dish with the table so the pasta was distributed and I didn’t have to finish it on my own – I don’t think I could have done it!  Once again, it was very disappointing to say the least.

We didn’t get much service in this place which I didn’t expect anyways being such a casual cafe and all.  Location is optimal, however I found the food on this occasion to be dissatisfying.  I guess there are still the cakes and milkshakes to attract me back to this place the next time round.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Sorrento Beach Shack
: 08 9246 4155
Address: Shop 57, Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hillarys

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Toscanini’s Cafe, Hillarys


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A group of us was at a retreat in Scarborough one weekend and decided to have breakfast somewhere nearby and ended up at Toscanini’s Cafe.  There are a number of Toscanini’s Cafe around – in Perth, Applecross and Bicton.  The one we visited was located inside the Sorrento Quay Boat Harbour in Hillarys.

Toscanini’s is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located at a premium location with a panoramic view of the blue ocean and the Harbour,  speckled with boats and yachts.  I love the feeling of the crisp morning air while basking in the warm sunshine having a meal and coffee.  Toscanini’s meets all these requirements and more!

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