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Kanta Japanese Kitchen & Sushi, Langford

Kanta JapaneseKanta Japanese Kitchen & Sushi is a tiny Japanese restaurant located along Langford Avenue, next to Pharmacy 777 in Langford.  I found out about this place through a friend who highly recommended it, “the best jap restaurant in town which will not empty your wallet” was his exact comment.  He loves this place and calls it his ‘little secret restaurant’!  With such great comments, I thought I must try and see what it’s all about, so off we went for dinner there one night.

Kanta is a very simple and cosy restaurant and can only fit about 15 people max soOpen Kitchen with dining table booking is essential if you want to get a table there.  It has an open kitchen concept with the food freshly cooked in front of you by the Japanese chef which is a treat to those who want to learn some cooking techniques!  Another point to note, this place is run by Japanese people which means real authentic Japanese food!

By the time we got there, the restaurant was full but luckily we booked and got a corner table to ourselves.  Looking through the menu, you would notice many less commonly seen dishes such as the grilled octopus, unagi, yukke (raw beef), mackarel, sashimi to name a few – all pointing to authenticity!  We ordered the following to share between the four of us:


  • Gyu-tataki ($8.50) – thinly sliced beef in Ponzu (citrus based) sauce
  • Ika-shioyaki ($6.50) – salted grilled squid tentacles
  • Agedashi tofu ($6.60) – deep fried tofu in Japanese sauce
  • Chicken Karaage ($6.60) – deep fried chicken Japanese style
  • Yukke ($8.80) – marinated raw beef with egg yolk

We also each received a complimentary entree dish consisted of vermicelli mixed with mushroom and carrot slices, topped with sesame seed.

Beef in Ponzu sauce Grilled squid tentacles Agedashi tofu Chicken Karaage Raw Beef with egg Complimentary vermicelli dish

All the entrees turned out really nice – my favourites for the night were the Ika-Shioyaki (grilled squid), Chicken Karaage and the Yukke (raw beef).

The Ika-Shioyaki was grilled quite thorougly and was tender which is a + for me as I have tasted those that becomes chewy after being cooked which is a big no-no.  The dish came with the japanese mayonnaise dipping sauce which made them even tastier!

The Chicken Karaage is one of the nicer ones I have eaten in Perth with its special crunchy batter and I’m sure they marinated the chicken beforehand with their homemade sauce/spice as you could taste something different about it.  ++

The Yukke, a dish I always thought would be hard to pull off if not prepared correctly as the ingredient needs to be really fresh and the beef tender and seasoned well to maintain its natural flavour, otherwise it would be a big turn off.  The first time I got introduced to this dish was in a korean restaurant (Samwon Garden) in Seoul a few years back where the cable manufacturer I visited decided he wanted to show me authentic local food and proceeded to order this dish for me to my horror (I used to not eat any raw food at all and this was a double whammy of rawness – raw beef and raw egg together!).  Anyways, I ended up eating it and became converted!  Back to Kanta, they pulled this off really well and I thought it was very flavoursome and fresh! +++

Now onto the Mains, we had:

  • Sashimi Moriawase Moku Large ($26.50) – 24 pieces assorted sashimi
  • Assorted sushi
  • Beef Fillet Steak with Steamed Rice ($17.50) – grilled beef fillet with teriyaki sauce
  • One of the specials on the board – Salmon and Fish Roe on Rice ($16.50)

Assorted sashimi Assorted sushi Grilled Beef Steak Salmon & Fish Roe on rice

The Assorted Sashimis and Sushis were really fresh which made all the difference…a plus for all of us.  The only thing I thought weird was the Egg Sushi which had grey colouring on the inside and yellow on the outside which I have not seen before..and no one could really explain why?  It tasted ok though so it’s all good.

We were extremely full by the end of this but still managed to finish the Grilled Steak in Teriyaki Sauce – big chunks of beef with a strong teriyaki flavour.  It’s actually quite a salty dish and needs to be eaten with the rice but I was too full by then so just managed to finish the beef by itself.  Would have enjoyed it more if I had more room in my stomach! hehe

To finish off, we ordered their Special Dessert – Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean (you can’t eat at a Japanese restaurant and not try their green tea ice cream! there is always a little room in the stomach reserved just for dessert!).

 Green Tea Ice Cream

This is the perfect treat to round off the night – the green tea ice cream came with a blop of vanilla ice cream, topped with red bean (yummy combination and my favourite!).  Even though the green tea was not as bitter as I liked it, it was still very good! Yum!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable dinner with everyone on the table very happy and still raving about how good the food were long after they have finished.  I will definitely be back to try their other dishes!  Great place to go for fantastic authentic food at decent prices.

Note: They do not charge corkage for BYO. ++++

Hand models in photos courtesy of D. Liew, Y. Yamauchi & S. Siew


Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Kanta Japanese Kitchen & Sushi
: 08 9451 5720
Address: U2/76 Langford Avenue, Langford

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