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Fibber McGee’s, Leederville

Fibber McGeeWebsite:

Fibber McGee’s is an Irish Pub and Steakhouse Restaurant located on Newcastle Street in Leederville which has been operating since 1998. I have walked past the venue numerous times always thinking it’s only a pub serving casual food.  Couldn’t be more wrong. When I was invited late last year to check out the establishment, I started my research on the place and was surprised to find that they actually serve proper restaurant meals! Not having had much to do with Irish cuisine, I took up the chance to see what sort of food they have!

What I found interesting about Fibber McGee is that the restaurant is supplied by its own Organic Farm Drumlane (whenever possible) located in Woolroloo, about an hour’s drive from Leederville. They believe in biodynamic agriculture, and support the “nose-to-tail” philosophy of food production.  Woofers are invited to work on the farm and they recycle the cooking oils from the kitchen at the restaurant, producing bio-diesel which is used to fuel the 4WD at the farm. Talk about sustainability! The chefs also hand make their own soda bread, sauces, meat glazes, dressings and cure their own bacon! Sounds great!

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Aliment, Leederville

AlimentI accidentally stumbled upon Aliment as I was heading towards Hylin for brunch one Saturday morning. As usual, Hylin was very busy and there was a long queue for table. My BFF actually managed to to get a table for us when she arrived but as my friend and I were late, she had to give it up as she brought her toddler and baby along with her and they were a bit unsettled and wanted a walk. My bad! I suggested for us to head over to Aliment which caught my attention just prior and seemed spacious enough to accommodate the kids. Turned out I was right!

Aliment is located just a few doors from Hylin and has both an indoor seating and a big alfresco seating area. We sat outside initially but due to the high winds, we moved inside not long after. Didn’t want the kids to get cold! The staff was very accommodating. Thanks!

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Low Key Chow House, Leederville


Low Key Chow House (LKCH) is a restaurant serving modern Asian cuisine located on the busy Oxford Street in Leederville. I was intrigued when I first heard the restaurant’s name as it is so unusual, almost a tongue twister! When my friend from primary school wanted to catch up over dinner, I suggested for us to check out LKCH.

LKCH was crowded when I arrived but we managed to secure a table for two pretty much straightaway. The worry I had of queuing up dissipated! Yay! The restaurant was buzzing, cool ambiance on one hand but too noisy on the other. It was hard to hear each other clearly over the table. One of the reason was because we were seated too close together. Oh wells, at least we were able to get a table. Looking around, I noticed an eccentric and haphazard decor. I like it!

LKCH LKCH table setting

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Pinchos, Leederville

Pinchos is located on the busy Newcastle Street in Leederville, next to Jus Burgers, in the space where Snags & Sons used to occupy. My colleague had been raving on about this place which he frequents often as he is of the opinion that the food are tasty, fill you up and at great prices. I thought I had to check it out after his unintentional constant ‘upsell’ of the place! The opportunity came when I was looking for a place to dine before heading to the movies for Xmen: Days of Future Past. Xmen was such an awesome movie, a must see for those who have not watch it yet! [Sorry diehard Xmen fan here! Hehe]

Pinchos was not too busy when we arrived, we found a table easily towards the back of the tiny shop. I can imagine it getting really busy on the weekend, it was good that we did not have to queue!

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Cranked, Leederville


Entertainment Card 11/12: 25% off (up to a value of $20)

Cranked is located along Oxford Street in Leederville. I discovered this place browsing through the Entertainment Book and was surprised to find it where it is, as I’d walked past this area a few times without realising it was there!  Maybe it’s overshadowed by other ‘bigger’ restaurant names in the area.

It’s decent in size with a big alfresco area – open aired, with lounges on one side of the cafe.  Nicely set up.  I plonked myself down on one of the sofa seat, looking outward so that I can observe the surroundings.

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Monza, Leederville

***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by the Burger Bistro***




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Monza is a modern and stylish cafe located in the heart of Leederville on Oxford Street.  This was our second choice to dine after being told by a packed cafe down the road that they have stopped serving their breakfast menu, and on top of that, much to our dismayed stomachs, that there was a half an hour wait before they could take any lunch order.  Not to be disappointed though, we wondered down the road and found Monza, with an all day breakfast menu, 9am – 5pm every Saturday and Sunday (I wish all cafes had all day breakfast menu!).

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Retro Betty’s, Leederville

Cafe front***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Little C’s***


Nestled between the numerous cafes and restaurants found on the busy and popular Oxford Street in Leederville is Retro Betty’s, a burger joint that boasts of its home-made style burgers and deluxe milkshakes.  From the front, it looks slightly run down but unique, painted with loud colours of bright pink and purple and plastered with slogans such as “Better get a Betty burger” and “Burgers made by your Mum’s” on their glass wall, calling out to passerbys to go in an enjoy a famous betty burger.

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Sayers Food, Leederville

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Front EntranceSayers Food is a very trendy and classy cafe situated off the busy streets of Leederville on Carr Place.  Its interior is decorated tastefully, with matching colours decor, comfortable couches and cushions and a grainy central dining table.  It is tiny in size though which explains why they do not take weekend booking.  I found out about this place through a friend’s recommendation and think it’s an absolute gem.

The cafe has a fantastic atmosphere and is the perfect place for breakfast on an early Saturday morning.  They have an extensive breakfast and drinks menu which made ordering a difficult task.

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