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M on the Point, Mandurah


M on the Point is located on the Mandurah waterfront and forms part of the Sebel Mandurah hotel’s dining experience.  My family and I had been here a few times for their lunches, coffee and desserts.  This time round we dined at the restaurant for lunch.  

The reason why I’ve explicitly state that we were dining at the ‘restaurant’ is because M on the Point has both a casual bar and waterfront courtyard part (at the front) and a stylish and chic restaurant (towards the back).  We thought we’ll try the restaurant this time round which was quieter and had a nicer ambience.  We were seated on the outside facing the waterfront.  Very good!


We ordered from the lunch special menu and had the following:

  • Avocado, smoked salmon salad ($21.50)
  • Spaghetti capricciossa with mushrooms, olive, tomato, basil, salami & prosciutto ($28.50)
  • Prawn, scallop & snapper chowder ($21.50)


The Avocado, smoked salmon salad looked good – big halves of avocado topped with salmon pieces, very fresh and appetising.  The Spaghetti capricciossa though was a miss, quite salty and dry.  Would have been good with more sauce on it.  I had the Prawn, scallop & snapper chowder.  It looked quite plain and the top layer was already coagulated when placed on the table.  Not a very good sign.  However diving into the soup, I found huge pieces of prawns and scallops hiding underneath which took away the average first impression.  It tasted quite good too which won me over at the end.

As the soup was not that filling I ordered a caramel and nut tart (can’t remember the exact name) for dessert and coffees for the table.  The tart did the trick, quite a generous piece, almost too sweetly but really filled up the tummy.  It was a nice end to the meal.


Overall it was an ok lunch.  The dishes were smaller than expected for the price we were paying but tasted good, except the spaghetti.  I would probably stick to the bar area the next time round but this was a good try.

A snippet of the desserts and cocktail from the bar area…

Creme brulee, Fried banana and icecream and Toblerone


Check out the size of the Ceme brulee.  It’s humongous! and oh so good!!  A must try!  Not to forget the Toblerone, one of my favourite cocktail.  The version here is slushy-like and awesome!  Love the plentiful chocolate sauce on it!  It’s a must try too!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

M on the Point
Telephone: 08 9534 9899
Address: 4 Marco Polo Drive, Mandurah

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Dome, Mandurah

Front of Dome
Front of Dome
View from inside
View from inside
Comfy sofa
Comfy sofa
Front Counter
Front Counter

Another review on DOME but for the NEW outlet in Mandurah and the lunch menu.

DOME opened a new outlet at Halls Head Parade in Mandurah, right underneath a brand new apartment, overlooking the beach.  I was looking forward to going there on this hot summer New Year’s Day (no nicer way to relax than to have lunch & coffee with such a nice view).  I was doubly surprised when I realised the apartments above the cafe might be the ones the company I used to work at designed the electrical services for, I remember checking and changing the outdoor lightings, brings back memories.

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Tai Wah Chinese Restaurant, Mandurah

Table settingTai Wah Chinese Restaurant located on Mandurah Terrace is a typical suburban Chinese restaurant in Mandurah.  The place is spacious and as typical suburban restaurant goes, is decorated with lots of Chinese New Year pieces such as lanterns, firecrackers, red writings, the whole works.

By the time we sat down at the table, I was quite hungry.  Judging by the demography, I did not have high expectation of the menu and I was not surprised.  When my mum saw the disappointed look on my face, she told me there is a “special” Chinese menu which we could order from.  We asked for the “special” menu, it was slightly better but still was not that flash.  For those who do not understand this concept of having two menus, it is quite common in a Chinese restaurant to do that to cater for both typical Chinese food (such as sweet&sour pork, spring rolls etc) and more authentic Chinese food (which might not be favourable to some people).  I know all these as I used to work in a Chinese restaurant during my uni days.  So if you are after something different, ask for the “special” menu but just be aware that not all restaurants will carry two menus.

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