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Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant, Maylands

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope there had been numerous feasting and festivities where you are at! As for me, there were some cooking (pineapple tarts and curry puffs!), minor celebrations and major feastings!

My second Chinese New Year feast this year was at Wing Bo Chinese Restaurant in Maylands. (The first was at Ambassador in Cannington – photos can be seen here [click]). Awesome food, nice wine, great company, what more can you ask for! It cost us $50pp for the food (excluding the wine and fried ice cream). Bargain for what we ate! Here come the pictures ūüôā

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Mrs. S, Maylands

Mrs. S is located on the corner of Whatley Crescent and Eight Avenue in Maylands, near the train station and other eateries such as Milkd, Sherbet Bake Shop, etc. ¬†I was quite excited to try out the food after hearing lots of great reviews about it! ¬†So off we went one Saturday morning for breakkie (and also to celebrate a close friend’s belated birthday). ¬†As we drove past trying to find parking, I spotted a queue already, with 2 – 3 groups standing around waiting for seats! ¬†It was full house!

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Milkd, Maylands


Milkd¬†is a stylish little cafe¬†located on¬†8th Avenue in Maylands, a sister cafe¬†of the¬†one in North Perth.¬† ‘The cafe¬†caught my eye as¬†it was listed¬†as one of the top cafes¬†in the West not long ago¬†and¬†had been in my list to go to for breakfast since.¬† However, the two cafes¬†nearly went into my boycotted list after a rude incident I had with them on the phone while trying to¬†book a table for 8 for breakfast one weekend.¬† It was fair enough that they don’t take bookings but the guy from the North Perth cafe¬†was so rude and¬†condescending, definitely turned me off from going there ever.¬† The Maylands guy fared better but let me down when¬†he asked me to call back in 5¬†halfway through the conversation and abruptly hung¬†up on me.¬† What in the world is going on?

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Peninsula Tea Gardens, Maylands


Peninsula Tea Gardens tea room¬†is located next to¬†the Tranby House, the only surviving 19th century farmhouse in Perth (having been built in 1839).¬† The tea room serves breakfast, lunch and the¬†latest fad of which I am beginning to get very fond of – afternoon tea, termed ‘high tea’.¬† I have been hearing great reviews about this place and their scrumptious offer of scones and tea.¬† Having¬†been recommended¬†to me left, right and centre, my curiosity and tastebuds were aroused and¬†it became the top place¬†in¬†my list of ‘must visit’.¬† The chance came when my ex-colleague decided to have her hen’s celebration there – yay, perfect!

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