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D’Big Mama, Coventry Village

D'Big MamaI accidentally stumbled upon D’Big Mama a couple of weekends ago whilst looking for a place to lunch at the Coventry Village in Morley. D’Big Mama is located near the front entrance facing Walter Road W, opposite the indoor playground and a couple of new restaurants I haven’t seen before. Having not visited Coventry for a few good months, I was surprised that so many new restaurants have sprung up! We were tempted though to D’Big Mama as they offer hawkers style of food, one of my favorite cuisine! Halfway through our lunch, the owner of the cafe started chatting to us and we found out that this is a new venture by the same family that owns the Noodle Forum restaurants in Perth City and Westfield Carousel. Traditional handmade noodles…oh yeah!

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Suzie’s Prata House + Hi Tea, Morley

Suzie’s Prata House opened this year in Morley, nestled  along the eateries outside the Coventry Village Market and sharing the same location with the bubbletea store, Hi Tea. I’d found out about it while getting my bubbletea fix one day at Hi Tea and made a note to visit, anticipating some authentic mamak / hawker style cuisine.

Suzie's Prata

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Wang’s Treasure House, Morley

Wang’s Treasure House, located on Wellington Road opposite the Coventry Market, is the last of the trio of restaurants serving dimsum in Morley I have sampled (I had previously reviewed Silver Seas Chinese Garden and Joyful Chinese Restaurant on my blog – click on the restaurants’ names to get to the posts). I have had dinners here for birthday celebrations as welland each time the food was marvellous! I thought the dimsum could only be the same!

The restaurant was chockers by the time we arrived which is not unusual as there is usually a big queue on the weekend. They can get very busy during dimsum time! It’s almost like dining in one of the dimsum restaurants in Northbridge, big in size, noisy, packed but with the exception of free and ample parking at the back of the restaurant :p The word of advice therefore is to get there earlier rather than later!

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Joyful Chinese Restaurant, Morley

Ever since my church moved to Malaga mid last year, I have been able to explore surrounding restaurants in the northern suburbs more frequently. I had since discovered a concentrated population of Vietnamese restaurants in suburbs such as Girrawheen, including shops that sell the beloved Bahn Mi and fresh sugar cane drink, and also the markets/restaurants at the Coventry in Morley.

Another discovery I’d made is dimsum in the ‘burbs, in particular three Chinese restaurants serving dimsum that are located in close proximity to one another in Morley, being the Silver Seas Chinese Garden, Joyful Chinese Restaurant and Wang’s Treasure House. I have managed to sample all three just to see how good they are. For a review of the Silver Seas Chinese Garden, click here. A review of Wang’s Treasure House will be coming soon 🙂

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Silver Seas Chinese Garden, Morley

Silver Seas!Dimsum at Silver Seas Chinese Garden is a new discovery stemmed from a friend’s recommendation. I had my doubts about dimsum in the ‘burbs after a few visits around the suburban eateries in Perth serving dimsum but this proved to be something different!

Silver Seas Chinese Garden is newly opened, spacious, clean and modern looking. I especially like the unique lighting on the ceiling!

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