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BB a Pop Up, Mount Lawley

BB a pop up***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Dainty Dowager***


The PFEs received an invitation from Terry, co-owner of the 3 x Burger Bistros in Perth with Owen and Chris to check out their newly opened pop up cafe on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. Named “BB a pop up”, it serves an American style of gourmet burger using prime ingredients and brioche buns. I had a look on their website and salivated at the delicious looking burgers made with brioche buns. That is certainly something new! I was sold! As it was a friend’s birthday the long weekend that just past, we decided to head over for the celebration. Terry was kind enough to shout two of our meals with free drinks with any burgers purchased for the rest, and complimentary desserts for the birthday celebration. Thank you for your generosity!

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Mr Munchies Sushi, Mount Lawley

Mr Munchies SushiIn recent months, Mr Munchies Sushi had become the unassuming rising star of the sushi world in Perth. I first had a taste of it when a friend took away the Sushi Platter for dinner one night and I found that I really liked them! I’d been back for the sushi ever since! I especially like the Mango Sushi Roll.

Earlier this month, I went to “Danny Bhoy” showing in Astor Theatre nearby and decided to introduce the place to some of my friends. They ended up loving the place too. (By the way if you like comedy, you have to check out Danny Bhoy – very funny guy and much less swearing compared to Russell Peters).

The place was packed when we arrived and the four of us had to squeeze into a table for two. Note that the restaurant is quite small so tables get snap up quickly during peak dinner time!

Inside the restaurant

I wanted to try a different drink so I had the Awaken Aloe Vera with Wheat Grass.  Took some getting use to.

DrinksFor entree, we had:

  • Japanese Seaweed Salad ($5.50)
  • Japanese Squid Salad ($5.50)
  • Agedashi Tofu ($8.50) – lightly coated and fried in a tempura sauce, this was very nice!

Seaweed SaladSquid SaladAgedashi Tofu

For sushi:

  • Mango Chicken Roll ($9.50 small 4 pieces)
  • Crunchy Spider Roll ($9 small 4 pieces)
  • Create Your Own Sushi – Eel (large 8 pieces)

Mango Chicken SushiThe Mango Chicken Roll is a seasonal sushi with chicken and prawn fritters topped with coriander, sweet chilli sauce and diced mango. I never fail to order this when I eat at Mr Muchies Sushi. I love the crunchiness of the chicken and prawn pieces combined with the thai inspired flavors of the topping.

Crunchy Spider Roll

The Crunchy Spider Roll contains deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce, cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and shallots. This was on the average side, I could not really taste the soft shell crab.

Create Your Own - Eel

My friend put together this Create Your Own Sushi, with eel, tamago topped with tobiko and chili mayonnaise sauce. It turned out quite tasty but nothing beats the Mango Chicken Roll for me. 🙂

There are many more other special Sushi Rolls on offer in Mr Munchies Sushi, I found the chef to be very creative and innovative in his sushi creations. I also love the Create Your Own Sushi or Salad concept.  Will definitely be back again.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

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Cantina 663, Mt Lawley


Cantina 663 is a well known cafe along the cafe-haven strip on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley.  I’d always wondered about the meaning behind Cantina 663.  Looking at the word definition, cantina actually means a bar or a wine shop – not quite so for this cafe but upon entering the premise, you do notice a huge rack of wine and liquor at the counter so I guess it does semi-fit the definition.  663 on the other hand is the shop number along Beaufort Street!  Charming isn’t it!

I’d been here for dinner a couple of years ago after my friend read a rave review on them in the newspaper and thought it was great.  This time round, we came and tried their breakfast menu.  The first thing I noticed as I enter is the magnitude of people already occupying the tables and it was only 9am.  I mean wow, this place must be very popular with their breakkie! 

The cafe has both an inside dine-in area and a big alfresco area equipped with giant wall fans for the hot summer days/nights.  Our group opted to sit inside in the inner most corner.  It was  a very cosy corner.  The whole cafe has a great vibe about it.



  • Juices – Apple and Orange
  • Coffees – Latte, Long Macchiato and Iced Coffee


There were only 5 of us that morning but there were 7 drinks.  Why is that?  Well, one of the guys ordered 3 drinks at one go (1xlatte, 1xlong mac & 1xapple juice).  What the?! Yes, I know, even the waitress was surprised that all the drinks was for him.  Although I’d imagined that they would be quite happy – he would be classified a great and generous customer in the sales sense.  *ker-chink* 

Comments regarding the juices were great – freshly squeezed, none of those sickly sweet types that you get in a bottle.  I had a sipped of the Apple Juice and loved it, it was very refreshing.  There were a few second orders later in the morning from our table but was informed that they were sold out.  Why can’t they buy more apple I wonder?  Comments regarding the coffees from the guys were good – they served coffee from Fiori beans.  I had the Iced Coffee and was only so so about it – I still like the 5 senses iced coffee I had at Sayers!


  • 2 x Mamma’s Breakfast, bacon, scrambled egg, chipolata, tomato, mushroom, hash brown ($20.50)
  • House Smoked Salmon, poached eggs, hazelnut, herbs ($20.50)
  • Cantina’s Home Made Bacon Sandwich, fried eggs, avocado, tomato, rocket ($15.90)
  • Free Range Eggs Scrambled, herbs, buttered toast ($12.90)


My order was the House Smoked Salmon as I wanted to try something different for a change, rather than the usual eggs with toast or vegetarian breakfast that I normally get.  That’s different I thought as I read the menu.  Well, you know how sometimes you get tremendous reward for trying out different things and sometimes it backfires on you?  Well, unfortunately on this occasion, it was the latter rather than the former.  The first and second bites were awesome, the greens and the funky looking herbs enticed me, however the third and subsequent bites proved harder to swallow as the taste of the smoked salmon became overpowering and quite salty.  The poached egg wasn’t exactly as runny as I wanted it to be either.  I’m guessing my friend must have seen a dismayed look on my face and offered me a piece of her buttered toast.  Yay!  That’s what best friends are for..well and other things of course..but buttered toast was great that morning.  Thanks, it was exactly what I needed to complement the dish. 

Being too engrossed in my own dish, I didn’t sample any others but received great feedback for the Scrambled Eggs with Toast and the Bacon Sandwich.

Service was great, friendly waitstaff and drinks and meals came promptly.  Would definitely recommend a meal there – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Cantina 663
: 08 9370 4883
Address: 663 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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Coode Street Cafe, Mt Lawley

outside the cafeWebsite: 

Entertainment Card 09/10: 25% off

It was my turn to choose a spot for lunch and looking through the Ent Book, Coode Street Cafe seemed to rInside areaing a bell along the line of it being a good spot and having great coffees, so I suggested we try this place.  Coode Street Cafe is nestled in the residential part of Mt Lawley and is a small cafe which I estimate can sit about 40 – 50 people.  It is open for lunch and breakfast 7 days and has a comfortable dining area inside decorated with fancy patterned red wallpaper and a fantastic alfresco area.

For lunch, they serve light meals such as sandwiches, pies, soups and salads.  The menu is displayed on the blackboard behind the counter or you can choose the food you fancy from the cabinet display at the front.  There were lots and lots of varieties!  However, it wasn’t really what I was expecting (was craving some nice hot food such as pasta) so I was slightly disappointed.  I noticed though that they had a big selection of cakes and cookies so that brought a bit of comfort.

Menu Lunch food Dessert selection

We ended up ordering a Vegetable Pie and Sweet Potato Cottage Pie for mains and an Orange Juice and Latte for drinks.

Vegetable Pie Sweet Potato Cottage Pie OJ and Latte

Both of the meals came with a generous side of salad which is a plus.  I had the Sweet Potato Cottage Pie as I thought the sweet potato was quite unique and different to what I would normally get.  The meal looked good but tasted average and a bit dry so I didn’t really enjoy it.  I had the Latte and thought it was average.  We quickly finished the food and ordered some desserts to try to make up for the lunch.  We ended up having the Baked Cheesecake and the Pecan Pie.

Baked Cheesecake & Pecan Pie

Verdict: the dessert more than made up for the lunch – they were delicious.  I especially liked the Pecan Pie, was full of nuts and dates but not too sweet, it went really well with the cream on the side.  Also the Baked Cheesecake was light and fluffy, just right and not too much for the palate.  Perfect.

Overall, it was an ok lunch.  I think half the reason why I didn’t enjoy the pie was more because of my expectation rather than the food itself.  The service was quick and staff were friendly.  I will probably not go back for their lunch but will try their breakfast – I read great reviews about their breakfast menu! Until then…

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Coode Street Cafe
: 9371 9900
Address: 24 Coode Street, Mt Lawley

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