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Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Nedlands


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Maharaja Indian Restaurant is located on Stirling Highway in Nedlands. We picked this place for my second farewell lunch at the company I was seconded to, the first lunch at Royal Seafood Restaurant for dimsum. Quite spoilt 🙂

Maharaja looked quite grand with its golden furnishing and antique style decor, and comfortable seats. We were offered complimentary Papadum after we sat down. They were very crispy and welcoming to our hungry stomachs!

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G’FUN, Nedlands

Remember the $3 chicken rice back in those days that were so tasty and popular with students studying in UWA? (Back in those days = 10 years ago FYI :P) This is what G’Fun is except with a name change (used to be called Chilliz I believe, my memory fails me sometimes), location change and prices increased to $4 – $4.50 per pack. Not too bad I must say, that is only $1 – $1.50 increase in a decade!

Long queueThe cafe is quite bare, with simple tables and chairs lining the wall on one side and a baine marie of hot food on the other. We wanted to reminisce our uni days when we decided to get lunch from there that day (actually more so because the Japanese restaurant Ohnamiya we wanted to go to nearby was full! :P). 

The queue was quite long to get to the food. I believe that is the usual case most days. One must admit it is a bargain price for the amount of food you get. Easy, simple and on the go! We had:

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Burgermeister, Nedlands


Burgermeister is located on Hampden Road in Nedlands, where the ‘cheap’ chicken rice cafe used to be back in the good ol’ uni days, about a decade ago. This place came highly recommended by a colleague so we made our way there one afternoon for lunch. We found a group of colleaguesInside Burgermeister from another project already there when we arrived, enforcing the popularity of this joint, well maybe within our own company. The word of mouth is quite a powerful advertising tool! It had quite a vintage feel about the place, with old schoolroom chairs and tables.

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Rocketfuel Coffee & Juice, Nedlands

I was told by my colleagues that Rocketfuel sells the best coffee in Nedlands. I had to try it of course! Rocketfuel is located on Stirling Highway, right next to Caltex Petrol Station. A special feature of this place is the drive through service which I used quite often subsequent to the first visit. My first visit was right after lunch but on foot!

Rocketfuel drive through Inside Rocketfuel

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Martineaus Patisserie, Nedlands

I was looking for a patisserie one day to buy a cake and found Martineaus Patisserie on the internet. It seemed promising so I went looking for it during lunch time. It’s quite a hard place to locate, hidden within the Captain Stirling Shopping Centre, I had to walk a fair distance in before stumbling onto the place!

There were quite a few variety of cakes to choose from and I picked the special of the day, the Lemon Meringue Cake. It looked so beautiful!, albeit on the expensive side. It was a hit for the birthday girl and the rest of us. Yummy!! Tangy lemon underside with a nice base!

Lemon Meringue Cake

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Barrett’s Bread, Nedlands


For my job last year, I was mostly working in Nedlands in the last few months and managed to visit some of the eateries in the area. It was almost like reliving my university days except for the many more choices available now compared to before! My next few entries will be of some of the restaurants, cafes and bakeries I visited in Nedlands! 🙂

The first cafe I noticed whilst driving along Stirling Highway was Barrett’s Bread on Broadway, a few shops away from the Caltex Petrol Station. I was so excited that the cafe was still there! It was one of my favourite patisserie from almost a decade ago! I remembered the yummy almond croissant I used to buy back in those days! Couldn’t resist making a breakfast stop for it one morning! I noticed that they had renovated the place, it looks much more modern than what I remembered.

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The Byrneleigh, Nedlands


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The Bryneleigh is located on Hampden Road in Nedlands, a bar and restaurant in one.  I’d heard of this restaurant from a fellow food blogger and also great reviews of their high tea from the Spreets deal, so decided to celebrate my mummy’s birthday here.

It was quite empty when we arrive due to an early booking for dinner one Sunday evening.  There were only a couple of tables still occupied, remnants from the high tea session earlier.  Strangely quiet, with only the muffled sounds in the background of tables and chairs being shuffled, we sat down and observed the surroundings – and I liked what I saw.  A rack of pot plants surrounded our table, and themed with the wooden decor, made me feel like I’m dining underneath a canopy of trees (well, almost!).

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