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Chilli Orange, North Perth

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I first heard of Chilli Orange through a photo of a chocolate lava cake I saw on foodiecraving’s FB. I was immediately mesmerized! The chocolate lava cake looked so so good! I had to go try it! Booking on a weekend made not long after 🙂

Chilli Orange serves a modern Asian-inspired cuisine in an intimate restaurant located on Angove Street in North Perth. With timber floors, wooden walls and dark thick drapes as a surrounding, I felt like I was dining in a cabin!

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Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant, North Perth

Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant is a hidden gem located in North Perth, opposite the local shopping centre.  I was first recommended this restaurant by a colleague. Subsequently I’d heard great reviews by others who had dined here for their chinese new year dinner celebrations.  It became one of the restaurants to visit on my list!

Incidentally not long after, I was invited to a thank you lunch for helping out in the organisation of my church’s yearly camp, and it was held here!  Yay happy girly I am! 🙂

The restaurant itself is very simple looking, one may not think too much of the place just by its appearance.  It is small in size and plain in decor.  The food though is a different matter altogether.

As I was not involved in the picking of the dishes, I am not able to list the prices or the exact menu names.  I’d been told though that the prices are reasonable!  The dishes names were informed by the waitstaff.  This is what we had:

  • Mud Crab with Noodle – great dish, flavorsome spring onion and ginger sauce with “bouncy and chewy” noodle and meaty crab!

  • Chicken in Ginger & Shallots – tender pieces of chicken, steamed

  • Stuffed Tofu – delicious fried tofu with crunchy snow peas and chinese mushroom

  • Salt & Chilli Pork – the usual dish in a Chinese restaurant, these are crunchy!

  • Squid & Snow Pea in  XO Sauce – simple dish but I loved the celery, mushroom and snow peas in it with the mild hot taste from the xo sauce

  • Garlic Kai Lan – one must not forget the veggies!

  • Tooth Fish & Eggplant in Bean Sauce – one of my favorite dish (besides the mud crab) as the sauce was so tasty and went very well with plain rice.  Love the soft eggplant too!

Overall it was a great and very yummy meal!  The waitstaff was very patient in explaining the dishes to me when I asked!  I like that.  I’m planning to bring my mum here for her birthday dinner next month.  Hope to try out a few more of their special dishes!

PS: One advantage of this restaurant is the ease in finding parking!  Ample spots across the road!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant
Telephone: 08 9227 8822
Address: 388 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Trading Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 5pm – 10pm

Friday – Saturday: 5pm – 11pm

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