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Satay on Charcoal, South Perth

Front of Satay on CharcoalWebsite:

Having pondered over where to go for dinner that day as I do very often, I suddenly remembered Satay on Charcoal, a restaurant I wanted to check out previously but have forgotten about. The tastebuds aligned with the desire for satay sticks that evening so off we went. Satay on Charcoal is located off Mends Street in South Perth, I say “off” as it is actually a back shop on Mends Street, on the rear end of an alleyway. Luckily there is sufficient signage on the pathway so that if one is looking for the restaurant, one can easily find it.

It is a very small and simple restaurant, mainly alfresco dining with only two tables on the inside. I managed to snag the last table on the inside that evening as I remembered to call ahead. Phew! It would have been a long wait otherwise.

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Sprolo, South Perth


Sprolo, located on Canning Highway had been a highly talked about cafe since its opening last year. I was most excited by the offering of the traditional Singaporean breakfast with kaya and sous vide eggs on the menu! That is one of my dream breakfast, Asian style! It has been quite rare to find this type of food in Perth but not so nowadays as the food scene has become more and more sophisticated!

Sprolo was the perfect place to meet up with my BFF and her family as she loves her traditional Asian breakfast too! We managed to find seating at the front corner where the lounge area is on the busy Saturday morning breakfast buzz.

Inside Sprolo Inside Sprolo

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****Brumby’s Nutella Hot Cross Buns!****

Nutella Hot Cross BunsWebsite:

Brumby’s Bakery has announced an exclusive partnership with Ferrero Australia and its famous brand, Nutella®, Australia’s third largest selling branded spread. Available in stores until the end of Easter, Brumby’s Easter range features freshly baked white Hot Cross Buns filled with a generous dollop of Nutella® spread as part of its Easter range. The Hot Cross Bun with Nutella will appeal to all tastes with a simple flavour profile combination for those who prefer something different to the traditional spiced bun. In addition to the Nutella flavour, Brumby’s are also baking Traditional and Fruitless Hot Cross Buns. All Hot Cross Buns are sold as a single bun ($1.30) or a six pack ($6.60).

Miss L from the PFEs was delighted to sample some of these delicious sounding Nutella Ho

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Gusto Food, South Perth

Gusto Food!Gusto Food is located on Angelo Street in South Perth where a few nice cafes (Secret Garden, Halo Espresso, Globe etc) congregate. I first heard of this place when a friend posted up some amazing looking breakfast dishes on her facebook page. “You must go try it”, she said – OK, off I went one Saturday morning with my sister.

It was early and the place was already jam packed! We waited 10 minutes or so for a table which was quite quick. I had a hard time choosing what to order as there were so many dishes I wanted to try! Just a note that order is placed and paid upfront at the counter.

CounterYummy ready made food in the cabinet

For drinks, we had:

  • Affogato ($4.60) – strong and creamy
  • Orange juice ($4) – this was 100% OJ, freshly pressed!    

Affogato100& OJ

I decided to order the House Made crumpets with pear & berries, peanut gravel and yoghurt ($14.50). I normally do not like to order something sweet for breakfast, well except for the one time at Hardware Societe in Melbourne, but the food there is almost on a different level. Anyways I thought I’ll be different this time….and it was the best choice I made!

The Crumpets were delicious! They were light and they were fluffy, but the most amazing component of this dish is the peanut gravel!  It brought back childhood memories of a Malaysian peanut snack that I loved. The combination of the sweet pear & berries, earthy peanut and sourish yoghurt on the crumpet made it one tastyyy plate! It surpassed the praises I had for the one at Hardware Societe. Go Gusto!

House Made Crumpets!

My sister ordered the Potato hot cake with poached eggs, oak smoked salmon, avocado salsa and hollandaise sauce ($19.50). This dish was amazing to look at. It was packed, with two poached eggs, a layer of smoked salmon on top of a bed of salad and potato cake. I had a taste and the avocado salsa on the side stood out the most for me – very generous dish!

Potato Hot Cake

Service was good with friendly smiles and attentive staff even though they were so busy. This has now become one of my favourite place for breakfast – I still need to check out the Cinnamon French Toast with the bacon, the banana, maple berry compote and honeycomb! That looked amazing!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Gusto Food
Telephone: 9367 3512
Address: 86 Angelon Street, South Perth
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Red Cabbage Food + Wine, South Perth


Entertainment Card 11/12: 25% off (up to a value of $40)

It was my birthday and my family decided to take me out to dine at the Red Cabbage in South Perth.  Yay! Red Cabbage was one of the few restaurants that was given a 2 stars in the West Australian Good Food Guide 2012.  It has also won numerous awards in the restaurant and catering industry. Naturally I was excited!

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Secret Garden Cafe, South Perth

The Secret Garden is a popular cafe located on Angelo Street in South Perth.  I first read about this cafe from the Breakfast in Perth’s review and thought, wow, what a wonderful name for a cafe.  I didn’t manage to try it out until my ex-colleague organised a get together one day and chose this place for breakfast.

It was bright and early on the Saturday morning when I arrived and the cafe was already full of people.  From the outside, it looked very small but don’t be deceived by the outlook!  Move in a bit further and you will find it opens up and leads to a beautiful and HUGE garden out the back.  No wonder it is called the secret garden – totally befits the cafe!  Order is placed and paid at the counter – much like most of the cafe around Perth nowadays.

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Thai Orchid Restaurant at South Perth, South Perth

Entertainment Card 09/10: 25% off (up to a value of $35)

Thai Orchid Restaurant is located on Mends Street in South Perth, on the same stretch as other popular restaurants such as Incontro, Spaghi, D’Tandoor, Coco’s etc.  It is situated on the 2nd level right opposite D’Tandoor Indian Restaurant – one has to climb a flight of stairs and walk along a short corridor before arriving at the front door, a bit tricky if one hasn’t been there before.

From the outside, Thai Orchid looks like a small restaurant but walking past the front reception revealed a spacious setting with numerous large windows, showcasing an uninterruptable view of the Perth skyline and the Swan River.  This combined with the warm ambience and their matching table setting made me look forward to our meal there that night.  Hanging on the wall was also the 2009 Gold Plate Restaurant Winner award – so far so good!

Matching table setting:

For dinner, we ordered the following:

  • Gang Keow Wan (Green Curry) Chicken – $24
  • Gang Daeng (Red Curry) Roasted Duck – $26
  • Kao Pad Sup Pra Rod (Fried Rice with cashew nut, onion and pineapple) Beef – $22
  • Pad Thai (Fried Thai Rice Noodle with egg, bean sprout etc) Chicken – $20



The food were awesome especially the Red Duck Curry and the Pad Thai!  The Red Duck Curry came with bamboo shoot, pea, tomato, pineapple pieces and the meaty roast duck.  The red curry sauce was creamy and thick and went well with the steamed rice – long after all the ingredients in the dish were gone, I still saturated my plate of rice with the sauce and ate it straight.  This was how tasty the sauce was!  The dish looked small but was quite deep volume-wise so all of us had a fair share.  I really like thai restaurants that serve good Red Duck Curry  as I found not all of them carry this dish.  Yum!  The same goes with the Green Curry Chicken which had eggplant and peas in it.

The Pad Thai like the curries was totally awesome – it was neither dry nor too wet (as can be with some), it had just the right moisture in the noodles.  With each mouthful, you can taste the balanced salty, sour and sweet flavours of the sauce, such a consistent dish.  One of the best dishes we have eaten!  It was so addictive we ordered a second dish!

We also had two more other dishes (I remembered to turn on the Night Mode so the pictures came out better):

  • Yum Neau (Chargrilled Beef Salad) – $22
  • Tamarind Fish


The Beef Salad was quite ordinary and didn’t really taste as expected of the normal thai beef salad you get in other restaurants.  It has generous serving of beef slices though.  The Tamarind Fish was also quite a big dish (deep fried fish fillet poured over with tamarind sauce).  This dish is not as spicy and sour as expected and the fish were not very crisp but still nice to have.

Overall, it was a great dinner!  The service was great – the waitpersons were friendly and prompt and the food absolutely delightful.  No wonder they won the Gold Plate Award last year.  The Pad Thai is a must try!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Thai Orchid Restaurant at South Perth
: 08 9474 1888
Address: Level 2, 35 Mends Street, South Perth

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Millpoint Caffe Bookshop, South Perth

InsideSide of the cafe

Entertainment Card: One complimentary main course when another is purchased (up to $33 value)

Wanting to grab a quick bite one Sunday afternoon, I looked through the Entertainment book and found Millpoint Caffe Bookshop with a buy one, get one free voucher.  I had always driven past this bookshop / cafe located on Mill Point Road and thought it would be a good place to try out for lunch.  After convincing  a few friends (who can say no to a buy one get one free deal?!), we headed there.

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