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Architects and Heroes, Subiaco


Architects and Heroes located on Rokeby Road is an extremely popular breakfast/brunch joint judging from the 45 minutes wait for a two seater one Saturday morning my sister and I ventured to Subiaco to check the cafe out. The place was packed! Pictures of the dishes from Architects and Heroes have been flooding social media and they looked so good! Come and eat me, they said! Here we are *wave* ūüôā

The cafe is sleek and trendy and I loved the buzz!

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Subi Seoul BBQ, Subiaco

The PFEs were invited by Groupon to review the deals they have on offer with participating  restaurants.  After months of procrastination, I finally used it on this current deal:

Traditional Korean Steamboat Experience at Subi Seoul BBQ, Subiaco.

Subi Seoul BBQ is a brand new restaurant on Hay Street.  The deal comprises of a steamboat of fresh seafood and vegetables in a flavoursome broth, dumplings for entree and Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (mixed salad with meat, rice and fried egg with soup).

I must say I am looking forward to this meal as I’d never had Korean steamboat before!

Subi Seoul BBQ is located on Hay Street in Subiaco, in the square centre opposite the Colonnade.  On arrival I thought the sign looked familiar.  Does it look familiar to anyone?

As I walked in and saw the chef/owner, it was like an aha moment!  The same owner as the restaurants/kiosk in Northbridge, Perth CBD and Victoria Park.  This will be great!

The restaurant is nicely decorated, modern and clean.  Each table is equipped with a cooker which can be used either for meat grilling or steamboat boiling, as I soon found out.

The owner came to explain what we will be getting with the offer.  Dumplings (5 pieces) for entree, the Bi Bim Bap with meat choice of either chicken, beef or pork, and a main of seafood steamboat.  As I had paid extra to get a deal for four, we had the option of either getting 2 x steamboat or a steamboat and a plate of meat for grilling.  We opted for the 2nd option.  With the meat plate, there were 3 choices of either chicken, beef, pork or lamb.  Let the feast begins!

  • Goon Man Du (normally $7.90) – korean dumplings – panfried with a crunchy outer shell and soft inner filling. ¬†Yum!

  • Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (normally $15.90) – mixed salad with rice, meat, pan fried egg with chili sauce served in a clay hot pot. ¬†The trick to this dish is to add the chilli sauce and mix the whole with the rice as rigorously as possible. ¬†As the heat is retained in the claypot, it cooks the egg and maintains the warmth in the rice. ¬†The bottom layer of the rice becomes crunchy as well due to the prolonged ‘silent’ cooking. ¬†It tasted really nice, crunchy but not burnt! ¬†We had the Chicken Bi Bim Bap and Beef Bi Bim Bap – the beef dish was more flavoursome.

  • Meat BBQ Cooked at Own Table – Combo for 2 people with choice of 3 meats (normally $39.90). ¬†We ordered the beef, chicken and lamb. ¬†The meat were all well marinated, contributing to the tasty flavour once grilled. ¬†Seoul BBQ have always had really nice grilled meat. ¬†I have tried the restaurant in Northbridge and Perth CBD. Same quality. ¬†Yummy! ¬†Would definitely order this again!

  • Hae Mul Jun Gol (normally $39.90) – steamboat combination of seafood and vegetables in a stock for 2 people. ¬†The pot came out looking very¬†appetizing! ¬†We couldn’t wait to dig in! ¬†There were king prawns, fish, mussels, fish cakes and a variety of vegetables. Very fresh. ¬†Highly recommended!

Service was great with the waitstaff explaining how each dish should be cooked/eaten. ¬†They catered to our requests with a friendly attitude and are always smiling. ¬†Love! The above was well worth the deal on offer! ¬†Don’t miss out! ¬†I would definitely be back for another feast!

Narration by: Miss L

Subi Seoul BBQ
Telephone: 08 9382 2005
Address: 375 Hay Street, Subiaco
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Caffe Vero, Subiaco

Entertainment Book Voucher 10/11: 25% off (up to a value of $20)

Caffe Vero is located along the busy and lively Rokeby Road in Subiaco.  I found out about this cafe whilst searching for vouchers in the Entertainment book and liked it the first time I ate here.  I remembered big generous serving of grilled fish, chips and salad at a cheap price, and especially so with the voucher!  Since we had to go to Subiaco that morning to exchange some quilts that my mum bought from Sheridan, I suggested having brunch there beforehand.

Quite unassuming at the front, it fans out into a huge alfresco dining area at the back as you walk further into the cafe.  Orders are taken at the counter with the food brought to the table.  Just how I like it in a casual restaurant.


We decided to sit in the semi-alfresco area at the back Рit was cold but sunny.  Decor was simple but nice.

We had the following that morning:

  • Affogato and Flat White
  • Orange Juice
  • Penne with Salsiccia – $16
  • Fish and Calamari Combo – $18


I had both¬†the Affogato and Orange Juice as I couldn’t decide which I wanted more.¬† The Orange Juice was freshly squeezed which was great but the Affogato was only so so as it didn’t quite hit the morning coffee spot.¬† The ice cream was good though ūüôā

I chose the Penne with Salsiccia as I had a thing for ‘foreign sausages’ at that stage and was craving it.¬† The Penne with Salsiccia is a penne pasta dish tossed with Italian sausage, olives, roast capsicums in a mild Napolitano sauce, and mild it was not!!!¬† The dish was so spicy I couldn’t finish it which was a waste.¬† It was also quite dry and the sausages were not tangy to bite.¬† Nothing was going right for me that morning.

My mum’s Fish and Calamari Combo came with a big piece of grilled fish dressed in lemon butter sauce, topped with marinated calamari and served with chips and salad.¬† This dish was slightly better than mine although the chips were soggy and the calamari slightly chewy.¬† Not the same as what I had before.¬† I consoled myself with the salad as I love my veggies.

Overall, I was slighly disappointed at the food as I had a very good impression from my first visit.  Maybe I chose the wrong dish!  The service was great though, especially the girl that served me at the counter РI liked her, she was patient and always smiling.  I would go back again to give it another go as there are lots of other dishes to choose from Рhopefully I pick a good one next time!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Caffe Vero
: 08 6380 1737
Address: 137 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

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Chutney Mary’s, Subiaco


Chutney Mary’s is a long standing¬†Indian restaurant in the Subiaco central¬†hub, situated right at the busy intersection of¬†Rokeby¬†Road and Hay Street.¬† The restaurant is hard to miss with its colourful lanterns hanging along the roof side and¬†intricate decorative¬†exterior wall lining.¬† The interior is equally colourful, with bright red and yellow walls¬†and¬†matching¬†napkins and¬†menus.¬† A large restaurant in its own right, it is divided¬†into two section with alfresco dining as well.¬† As we were early there for dinner that night, the restaurant was still empty and we had the place all to ourselves.¬† Great start to the night¬†when we¬†were greeted at the door by a¬†friendly staff who led us to the table and politely explained the menu.¬† Good service makes all the difference!

I’m not¬†a big¬†fan when it comes to¬†dining in Indian¬†restaurants, mainly because me and spicy food don’t go well together.¬†¬†Another reason is also¬†because¬†I’d always thought that the Indian food here is¬†overpriced, not so much the curry dishes¬†but more so¬†the rice and breads.¬†¬†I’d been to¬†indian restaurants in the past where they charged¬†$6 per¬†bowl of rice!!¬†¬†Being a frequent diner¬†at Chinese restaurants where rice are only charged around¬†$5/bucket, I’d always felt so ripped off when I order rice in an indian restaurant!¬† Chutney Mary’s charges $4.50 per person for Steamed Aromatic Basmati¬†Rice and $5 per person for Saffron Basmati Rice, still a bit too much for me.

For dinner that night, we had the following:

  • Butter Chicken ($23) – Tandoori chicken fillets in a cream, tomato, butter and spice sauce
  • Brinjahl¬†Bahji ($19.50) – Baby eggplant cooked in a paste of ground cashews and peanuts, sesame and coconut
  • Rogan Josh ($22.50) – Traditional lamb curry cooked with ground spices, tomato and coriander
  • Chicken Tikka Masala ($23.50) – Chunks of chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in Tandoor oven
  • 2 x Garlic Naan ($5.50 each) – Freshly baked leavened white bread with a touch of garlic
  • 2 x serve of Basmatic Rice ($4.50 each)
  • A side of Cucumber Raita ($5.50) – Yoghurt dressing


My favourite dish that night was the Butter Chicken, the sauce was thick and creamy and the chicken chunky and substantial.  It went well with both the rice and bread.  My all time favourite indian dish!  A bit boring I know but I still love it.  The Brinjahl Bahji was something different, not a dish I would normally order but it ended up being a great choice, the eggplant was cooked till soft and mixed with the excellent nutty paste, yummy and very filling.

The Rojan Josh and Tikka Masala were spicy for me but luckily the Cucumber Raita acted as the cooling agent which enabled me to finish those dishes.  Garlic Naans as usual are the best bread to order with curry dishes.  You can never go wrong with them!

Dinner was great that night although the spiciness got to me at the end and everything tasted the same after that.¬† It was very filling especially with all the creamy curries, rice and bread.¬† We had great service that night too, the staff was really friendly, joked with us and took alot of photos for us (which I hope didn’t impede on his work).¬† Thanks!¬†¬†

Though it was a great dining experience, I still think this type of¬†cuisine is slightly overpriced¬†so it would not be¬†a regular dining place for me.¬† A good place to try some Indian food though.¬† There is also a second Chutney Mary’s located in¬†Rockingham, Syren Street for those living south.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Chutney Mary’s Indian Restaurant
: 08 9381 2099
Address: 67 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

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Oriel Cafe, Subiaco

Entrance***Restaurant is permanently closed…replaced by Subidoo***Sign

Oriel Cafe is situated right in the centre of Subiaco, near the corner of Rokeby Road and Hay Street.  It is an upmarket cafe that I frequented alot during my uni days for their shoestring fries with aioli sauce (I still have fond memories of them!) and also because they were one of the rare cafe that opened 24 hours.  However, since the changeover to new management, they are only open till 2am on weekends.

I have only been back once since the new management and this is my second time.  The outside area has been refurbished and looks much nicer than before.  The inside area is still exactly the same as before except that they have toned down the music alot.

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