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Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe, Vic Park

Little GrillWebsite:

Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe is one of the latest cafes that had opened on Albany Highway in Vic Park, where Maple Crepes Cafe once stood. Its origin is of the Little Lang Nuong (LLN) in Girrawheen and I had thought this was its second store after finding a leaflet Little Grillof this at the Girrawheen shopping centre but chatting to the owner, I was informed that the former has closed down and this is their brand new store! I remembered I was excited when I first found out Little Grill is opening in Vic Park as the food at Little Lang Nuong was really good and it is awesome now it has moved much closer to me! When I told the owner I was a fan of LLN she became quite excited and said she will be expecting to see me at Little Grill more often. For sure! There are still many dishes I wanted to try after tonight’s meal!

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Concert: Thriller Live + Dining at the Crown Perth

Thanks to ACMN, the PFEs were invited to blog about the Thriller Live concert that is currently playing at the Crown Theatre Perth. The Thriller Live show is a spectacular concert created to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson! It is now in its record breaking 6th year of show after opening in the Lyric Theatre in London on 2 January 2009 to rave reviews. Thriller Live has celebrated its 5th birthday in the West End, embarked on a world tour and a sell-out UK arena tour, played over 3000 shows globally to 2.5 million fans, visited over 26 countries and entered the West end record books by becoming the longest running show in the Lyric Theatres in 125 year history, and now it is in Perth!

No doubt I was excited about the event and was looking forward to it the whole week!

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Kabuki Japanese, Victoria Park

Kabuki Japanese is located on the busy Albany Highway towards the city end, right near where Makan 2 Cafe, CHI Restaurant etc are located. I was first introduced to Kabuki when my friend came over for dinner one night with some takeaway from there and I was hooked since! The food are delicious and cheap! One thing I never fail to order every visit is the Rainbow Roll (large for $15).

Rainbow Roll

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Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Victoria Park

Crust Gourmet Pizza BarWebsite:

Crust has just unveiled three exciting new pizzas inspired by traditional street food dished out in Asia and South America. They are the Kimchi BBQ Chicken, Moorish Lamb and Sriracha Beef. I was fortunate enough to be asked to review one of these new pulled meat pizzas. I decided to go for the Kimchi BBQ Chicken and made my order at the Victoria Park store.

The Victoria Park store is located on Albany Highway next to Red Basil. I’ve frequented this pizza bar numerous times as it is near my house and it is very convenient with parking, especially now that free ticketed parking in Vic Park has increased to 30 minutes at any one time slot.

My two favorite pizzas from Crust have always been the Pulled Pork and Slaw and the Szechuan Chili Prawn. Let’s see whether the Kimchi BBQ Chicken is on par!

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****Delivery Hero****


The PFEs were invited recently to try out another takeaway food order and delivery website called Delivery Hero. There seem to be a number of this service around nowadays, takeaway order and delivery must be getting very popular! I must admit it is quite convenient especially on days when I am too busy or too tired to either cook or head out for a meal! Additional bonus if the restaurant offers free delivery!

How does Delivery Hero work? It’s as simple as…

  • Enter your address
  • Choose your restaurant
  • Select your payment method
  • Food is on its way

It can’t get any simpler!

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The Sarapan, Victoria Park


I first heard of The Sarapan from the TFP’s post on facebook, the picture and description of the roti canai she posted really caught my attention! At the same time, it also caught the attention of my friend who messaged me to tell me about it! Malaysian food enthusiast she is, very much like me!  We managed to set up an impromptu breakfast last weekend to try it out!

The Sarapan is located on 1 Leonard Street in Vic Park. I remembered dropping by this place a few months back on a Saturday morning as I thought J Bento was trading there but found it empty and deserted. I thought J Bento had closed down! It only came to light now that 1 Leonard Street is available for hire as a pop-up restaurant, and different businesses can occupy the space at different times! Quite ingenious I thought especially for those requiring some flexibility! The only problem for us customers is to remember which day the various restaurants are trading on!

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****EatNow – Search, Order,Eat!****


The PFEs were invited recently to review another takeaway food order and delivery website called EatNow. I must be hiding under a rock as I have not come across these websites before until now! It is awesome to discover all these services that are available right at my fingertips!

The aim behind EatNow is to provide a quick and easy way to order food online from local restaurants that service the suburb you are staying in. The process is simple ….

  • Search for restaurants in your suburb
  • Order using the interactive online menus
  • Sit back and wait for the food to be delivered

And that is exactly what I did one rainy and stormy winter night. Perfect weather to order some takeaway as I did not feel like dressing up to go out for a meal, ie hibernation mode on. {Do you guys get into this mode in winter?}

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Atrium, Crown


Hallway to the AtriumThe PFEs were invited to dine at the Atrium Buffet [All-You-Can-Eat] Restaurant within the Crown Perth Complex recently and I happily obliged, not having visited the Atrium since it’s refurbishment a few years back. I had been a number of times previously while it was still under the management of Burswood Complex and had tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. I had stopped going previously, and to be honest it was because I thought the food selections were getting a bit boring.  I was interested this time to see whether any changes have been made!

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Tutti Frutti, Victoria Park


I first discovered the frozen yoghurt concept in the States a couple of years ago. Yes I’m slow as I know the Tutti Frutti in Leedy had been there for awhile :p. At the time, I had thought that it was such a marvelous idea, being able to choose the yoghurt flavors yourself, dispense the amount that you want into a cup and add however many toppings you like.

Dispense, add, weigh and pay. Easy!

I was very happy when Tutti Fruitt opened a branch in Vic Park on Albany Highway. So much closer to where I live. It’s my to go to place for dessert nowadays! Healthier than ice-cream but with the same great taste.

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Silks, Crown

Grand entrance 1a


Silks at the Crown Perth just opened recently and being a sucker for new restaurants, I called to make reservations for a Saturday evening but found they were booked out every Friday and Saturday nights for the whole of August! Guess I’m not the only sucker for new restaurants! We managed at the end to get a table on a Sunday night.

Everything was grandiose at Silks, from the entrance, lighting and decor right down to the menu and cutlery on the table. I love the warm lighting and ample spacing between each table. Great ambiance!

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