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Sarawak Hawker Cuisine, Willetton

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Located in my old hood, Burrendah Boulevard in Willetton, Sarawak Hawker Cuisine has been a favorite of mine ever since they opened late 2014. It is our “go to” restaurant for our fill of noodles and rice dishes especially their specialty, the Kolo Mee, a favorite in the Sarawak (East Malaysia) world, where the noodles are flash-boiled, and topped with garlic and shallots, minced pork and shredded of BBQ pork. Simple but delightful. What makes it special at Sarawak Hawker is that the noodles are handmade in house and one get to experience the springiness of freshly made noodles at a very reasonable price. Win!

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Lezat, Willetton


Lezat is a Malaysia and Indonesia fusion restaurant located within Rostrata Centre along Rostrata Avenue in Willetton. It came highly recommended from my mum’s friend who lives around the area! Onto the foodie list it goes. When my mum and I were in Willetton one weekend, we took the opportunity to visit Lezat for dinner!

The restaurant setup is simple, almost bare and quite small in size, but I was there just for the food so I can’t complain too much in this area. We arrived early on a Saturday night and it was still quiet. It became much busier when we left.


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Yum Cha House, Willetton

YYum Cha Houseum Cha House is located on Collins Road in Willetton, the suburb I lived in during my high school years. I always have fond memories of the many Chinese restaurants in the area and the yummy food they offer. Unbeknownst to me, Yum Cha House popped up recently in the foodie corner that houses Taurus, Singapore Hawkers, Bamboo etc. Dimsum in the ‘burbs, surely it will be a hit!

A hit it was, when I arrived one Sunday afternoon, there was a massive queue up front. We had to wait 20 – 30 mins for a table of four. Very popular indeed.

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Bamboo Authentic Singaporean Restaurant, Willetton

Bamboo is located on Collins Road in Willetton, right next to my all time favourite hawkers cuisine restaurant Taurus.  It offers authentic Singaporean cuisine (as advertised by its name) with dishes similar to those from Taurus.  Rumours had it that it is an expansion of the family business and thus the similarity.  We were in the vicinity one afternoon and decided to head there for lunch.

The setting in the restaurant is slightly better than Taurus (maybe as it’s newer?) with more comfortable chairs and individual tables.  Not too bad I thought.  Hope the drinks and food are as good.

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